Conflict Management – Part 1

Conflict can be triggered by diverse situations such as the invasion of another person’s space, differences of values or opinions, unfair treatment, cultural differences, work ethics or lack of these, differing world views and much more. Differing personalities can also be conflict generating. The clear fact is that conflict exists and it is here to stay.

Conflict can provide us with one of the greatest opportunities for growth if we approach it with the right attitude. There is strength in variety when we work through differences and value one another for who we are.  Recognising strengths in ourselves and others enables us to deal with conflict more effectively making use of conflicting situations as stepping stones to personal and team growth.

Growing through conflict presupposes an openness to challenge one’s own thinking and listen to the other person’s point of view. This doesn’t mean you negate your view or opinion, it simply allows you to have a more balanced view of the situation you are facing at the time. Take an honest, open look at the situation at hand and acknowledge existing differences in points of view. Be honest about the way in which you see the situation. Dealing with conflict is most effective when a two way process is in place: ‘give and take’!