Effective conversations

Have you had a good conversation with someone with whom you felt connected? Practical discussions are built on our conversations, not the ones we don’t have.  Looking back, I had a few moments like these, and the reasons for the success of these conversations were simple yet highly effective. First, communicate your thoughts. Second, allow the other person to speak without interruption; third, be open to learning from the other person.

There is much potential for misunderstandings when we communicate.  People differ in beliefs, values, experiences, education, culture, etc.  Sharing how you feel honestly can build great connections, and identifying the issue and what bothers you lets you express your thoughts clearly and honestly. Describing how you see a situation and addressing the ‘real’ issue using ‘I’ messages can create a positive experience.

Respecting the other person’s opinion and expressing your own is a step towards a more effective interaction and a deeper relationship with another. Allowing the other person to speak without interruptions can demonstrate the importance you attribute to their communication. Not listening can convey that what the other person says is not valuable to you. Be open to learning. The more open we are to listen to what others say, the more we can learn and grow.